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Jarred Wolf


Financial Consultant

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Financial Services Available:                                                                                                  

"Managing your finances beautifully, Music to your ears"

1. General Bookkeeping Services:

  • Journal Entries

  • Month-End Closes

  • Reconciliation/Balance Sheet Maintenance

  • Classifications Assistance for Transactions

  • Cash Management

  • Asset Tracking

2. Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Models in Excel

  • Package Requirements for Banks

3. Bank Reporting

  • Ratio Requirements/Calculations

  • Package Submissions

4. Accounts Payable

  • Entering Bills

  • Paying Bills

5. Accounts Receivable

  • Creating invoicing and sending to required individuals

  • Collections

  • Cash application to respected invoices

  • Cash deposits

6. Contract Negotiations

  • Vendor Payment Terms

  • Collection Terms

  • Contract review and negotiations to favor your business

  • Contract bidding 

7.  Tax Filings​

  • Sales Taxes

  • Personal Property Taxes

  • Personal Tax Filings

  • Government notice pushback to save you money

8. Operations efficiency and margin improvement

  • Lean Manufacturing assistance

  • Labor and time management improvements

  • Time and Motion studies

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"Managing your finances beautifully, Music to your ears"

What are you going to do with
all the time we save you helping with the finances?

Have you had a quality night with the family recently?

What 3 things could your company focus on that would increase sales by 20%?

What was the last concert you went to?

Do you have a list of your top clients and what have you done for them recently?

I hope you have your passport,

work on a language,

which country are vacationing in?

With the saved time and money,

how much can you reinvest

in team training?

Don't laugh,

Have you tried yoga?

Peace in body & mind

makes for quality health!

Now you have more time to focus on the basics, what can you do to fix minor problems? Saves time and money with compounded interest!

Are you a Sudoku or Crossword

type of person?

While we do the hard stuff,

write down how you spent the time we saved you!

We specialize in finances for businesses doing

30 million in sales per year at least.

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