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True Artist Productions started with a budding  young African American boy fumbling his confidence at the age of twelve years old, attending St. Benedict's Prep, and just recently being exposed to the craft of Glass Blowing and Entrepreneurship at Glass Roots in downtown Newark, New Jersey.

Once attending St. Benedict's Prep, he was exposed to a level of critical thinking and an environment that nurtured comradery and instilled it within every individual there. The ability to recognize problems and also do something about them, Leadership, and Initiative, became the hallmark concepts from his time there.

"Whatever hurts my brother, hurts me"

The motto of the school embed in his heart, it changed his frame of thinking. Interdependence became his focal point. 

Autonomy over his creativity and self reliance in the ability to see his own ideas manifest into the material world became his main focus. While attending Glass Roots after school CORE program that taught students the art of Glass Blowing, he was also exposed to the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship through the "NFTE" (National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship) offered there as well. It was not before long that he realized he had fallen in love with the creative process and what it made of him. Realizing he did not want to be dependent on others in every step of the process of manifesting his ideas, he started cultivating himself with many of the skills he saw that were going to be necessary to build fluidly in the near future and beyond.

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